Human Resource Management


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Training Outline

Human resource management and the organization:
- Basic definition
- Key assumptions

Key human resource functions:
- Human resource planning
- Recruitment and selection
- Compensation and benefits
- Performance appraisal
- Training and development

Human resource planning:
- What is human resource planning?
- The planning process

Recruitment and selection:
- Job analysis and job descriptions
- Sourcing candidates
- The recruitment interview
- Psychometric testing
- Reference checks and making an offer

Compensation and benefits:
- Flat rate only
- Flat rate plus payment by results
- Merit pay
- Profit and gain sharing
- Piecework

Performance appraisals:
- Why have performance appraisals?
- The appraisal process
- Eight appraisal techniques

Training and development:
- What is training?
- Knowledge, skills and abilities
- Training and development perspectives
- The training cycle
- Training needs analysis
- New core competencies

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