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CSS3 Training Overview

Accelebrate Developing Cascading Style Sheets course teaches attendees how to format text and layout pages using CSS.

Location and Pricing

Most Accelebrate courses are delivered as private, customized, on-site training at our clients locations worldwide for groups of 3 or more attendees and are custom tailored to their specific needs. These courses can also be delivered as live, private online classes for groups that are geographically dispersed or wish to save on the instructors or students travel expenses. To receive a customized proposal and price quote for private training at your site or online.

In addition, some courses are available as live, online classes for individuals.

CSS3 Training Prerequisites

Prior hands-on experience with HTML and CSS is required.

Hands-on/Lecture Ratio

This class is 70% hands-on, 30% lecture, with the longest lecture segments lasting for 20 minutes. Students "learn by doing," with immediate opportunities to apply the material they learn to real-world problems.

CSS3 Training Materials

All students receive a copy of Peachpit Press Practical CSS3: Develop and Design and related courseware.

Software Needed on Each Student PC

  • Windows or MacOS X with at least 2GB RAM
  • 2 or more browsers of your choice:
    • Firefox 14 or later with the Firebug extension installed
    • Internet Explorer 10 or later [Windows users]
    • Safari 5 or later
    • Chrome 18 or later
  • Web development tool of your choice (should support CSS syntax highlighting)

CSS3 Training Objectives

  • Style elements using the new selectors, pseudo classes, and pseudo elements.
  • Use font and text effects, including @font-face.
  • Use the new gradient, mask, and background image techniques.
  • Implement animations, transitions, and 2D and 3D transforms.
  • Render content appropriately for mobile and tablet devices using media queries.
  • Understand vendor-specific prefixes and browser support for various CSS3 techniques.

CSS3 Training Outline

  • Introduction
    • What Is CSS3?
    • The History of CSS
    • How to Add CSS: Inline Styles, Head Styles, External Files
    • General Syntax: Attributes, Selectors, Cascades, etc.
    • Current State of Browser Support for CSS3
    • How We willl Check This:, IETester,
  • HTML and CSS
    • How HTML Relates to CSS
    • A Basic Overview of HTML5
  • Selectors, Pseudo Classes, and Pseudo Elements
    • E[foo^="bar"], E[foo$="bar"], etc.
    • :nth-child, :root, etc.
    • :before, :after, ::selection
  • Fonts and Text Effect
    • @font-face
    • Using Web Fonts: Google, Typekit, etc.
    • Font Properties
    • Text Shadow, Text Outline, Text Stroke, etc.
    • Word Wrapping
  • Color, Gradients, Background Images, and Masks
    • Opacity
    • New Color Names
    • Nonimage Gradients
    • Multiple Background Images
    • Background-size, Background-origin, Background-clip
    • Image Masks
  • Border and Box Effects
    • Rounded Corners
    • Resizing
    • Outline Offsets
    • Appearance
    • Image Borders
    • Box Shadow
  • Transforms, Transitions, and Animations
    • translate(), rotate(), etc.
    • 3D: rotateX(), rotateY()
    • changing, for example, the width of a div on hover (without JS)
    • animations: @keyframes, animation
  • Layout: Columns, Flexible Box
    • Column-count, Column-gap, Column-rule
    • Multiple Column Layouts
    • Gaps between Columns
    • Box-orient, Box-pack, Box-align, Box-flex, etc.
    • Display: box
    • Grouping and Changing Orientation
    • Alignment
  • Vendor Prefixes
    • Current status of -moz, -o, etc.
    • When and Why to Use
  • Embedding Media
    • Simplified Video
    • Audio Embedding with HTML5/CSS3
  • Accessibility Features
    • Speech
    • Others
  • Forms
    • HTML5
    • New Form Elements
    • Capabilities
  • Media Queries
    • Targeting Device Capabilities: Width, Screen Size, Color Depth, etc.
    • Building Responsive Sites: Implications for Mobile
  • Implementing CSS3 in the "Real World"
    • Modernizr
    • HTML5 Shims
    • jQuery
    • LESS, SASS, and Other CSS Preprocessors
    • CSS Grid Systems
    • CSS Frameworks
  • Conclusion

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